First I'd like to apologize for the fact that it has been some time since I've posted an update regarding PhotoCOOP activities. That said the summer and fall saw two really successful show and exhibition opportunities for participating members of the PhotoCOOP.  As you might recall the PhotoCOOP had members exhibiting at a Chicago Public Library Branch this summer. There was a well supported artist talk and the work from from six(6) of our members is still being talked about by library visitors even after it was deinstalled.

Most recently the PhotoCOOP once again sponsored a multi-artist tent at the Edgewater Fall Art Fair. In the PhotoCOOP tent the participating members were

Charla Tabet

Justin Hagman

Khabrim Diallo

Marcus Maddox

The visitor traffic to the exhibit was steady for both days of the event with an increase on Sunday (day two). Gross sales for the PhotoCOOP tent for the two day event was $1,900.00 (including all fees and taxes).  This represents a year-to-year increase (from 2014 participating in the same event). Also, at the same event there was another PhotoCOOP member who was exhibiting their artwork in their own tent, LeJean Easley. LeJean also, saw an increase in sales (y-t-y comparison to 2014) this fall.  Once again this event has proven to be very successful for the participating PhotoCOOP members.  This is an event that has thus far shown a good place to display sell "Chicago" themed work.

As we move into the change of seasons the search in on for a winter exhibition opportunity. So if you have ideas and would like to participate feel free to send me an email.


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