Calumet photo news? (also... where do I get my paper now?)

So I've heard vague rumors that Calumet would re-open "some" of its stores. One of them might be Oak Brook, but has anyone heard anything further, or know if either Chicago location will re-open?

Also, I'm in a bit of a bind, since I have been using Brilliant Supreme Lustre Paper with my Epson Artisan inkjet for years, have calibrated all of my photos for this paper, and am down to about 50 sheets left. I very shortly need to put out a large project (multiple headshots for a mass mailing), and have no idea where or if I might find more of this paper. Any ideas? Is there a reasonable substitute that wouldn't require a lot of rejiggering of the color calibration? I understand that Brilliant was Calumet's answer to Epson papers, but I don't know if it's a straight one-to-one equivalency, so to speak. Anyone have experience with both?


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The Calumet in Oak Brook reopened a couple of weeks ago.  I was there the other day but I am not sure which paper they currently have in stock. I didn't see any Epson paper but I remember seeing the Brilliant Supreme your speaking of.  

Thanks, I did call them when they opened but they are "not set up" to take phone orders and ship yet; although he did take my name and number to call me when they are. According to him, Rush Street is almost certainly not re-opening, Cherry Street is unknown. Oak Brook is two hours away for me, so I really hope they get their website / mail order stuff together soon...


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